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Procal Dairies

Procal Dairies

Procal is an independent dairy manufacturing and distribution company owned by the Thyssen family, who, after selling the market leading juice manufacturing business The Original Juice Co to Golden Circle in 2002, turned their talents to the dairy industry and formed Procal Dairies in 2003.
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Itchi have helped us reframe what an effective digital marketing could do to our business.

Procal Dairies

Itchi digital worked with Procal Dairies to develop their 18/19 and 19/20 Marketing strategy, with the goal of improving awareness and consumer interest in their range of products. The multi-faceted marketing strategy involved a repositioning and rebrand of all creative, PR campaigns, social media overhaul, traditional print advertising and stepping up paid social and PR activity on an ongoing basis. We focused on driving national awareness and increasing consumer demand to further distribution.

The performance of the social media campaign for the first quarter of 2019 were incredible, generating roughly 1.4 Million impressions for the Procal brand was an enormous boost for consumer awareness in the market.

The Google search performance was also extremely high with our click through rate being the strongest it had been in the last 12 months. Our campaign is optimised well and is

finding a motivated audience. Motivated is the key word – the near 4,500 clicks received this year have been by people actively searching for what Procal offers, making these actions particularly valuable.

In order to thoroughly assess the value of the web sessions driven by our Google Ads, we would like to conduct a review of Procal’s Google Analytics data – which we don’t currently have access to. With a full picture of user behaviour once they hit the Procal site, we can apply another layer of optimisation to the campaign and formulate recommendations for improving the site to ensure it’s facilitating Procal’s business objectives as best as possible.

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