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A one-stop guide to B2B public relations in Indonesia

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What some people might not know is that Indonesia’s B2B marketplace is the third biggest in the world, trailing behind China and the US. As of 2021 the value sat at $77 billion USD with a growth rate of 16%, making it one of the fastest-growing markets in the Asia Pacific. 

The ecommerce industry is one of the biggest driving forces behind this growth, with big players including Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, Bukalapak and MadeinIndonesia taking up 54% of the total market share. The acceleration in the digital landscape in Indonesia for the past 10-years has created a highly competitive but ripe market for success. 

Due to the crowded nature of the market here in Indonesia it is crucial for brands to stand out and adopt a number of strategies to attract local partners and grow brand awareness. Implementing an extensive public relations strategy alongside having a strong digital presence is the key to tapping into this market, whether that be press launches, media coverage, roundtable events, and offline and online sales presentations.

As a leading public relations agency in Indonesia, itchi digital has helped clients such as SiteMinder grow their brand awareness amongst their target audience to not only secure new leads, but to create positive relationships with local media as well as key business partners. 

Here are some of the ways we recommend you consider your approach when looking to grow in Indonesia:


  1. Understand where your audience is and what they respond to


One of the fundamental starting points when looking to enter a foreign market is understanding how your target audience behaves, which extends to what digital channels they are on, what they use these channels for, what media they digest and what type of PR or marketing activity they will respond to. 


It is important to never make assumptions of your target audience in a market that you are unfamiliar with, as factors like the digital ecosystem and the media landscape can vary dramatically from country to country, particularly in Asia when compared to western markets such as the US. 


  1. Localise your messaging and make it clear 


Having a clear and consistent message in any market is important, but when looking to enter a foreign market such as Indonesia it is equally important to understand what type of messaging will attract your target audience and on what channels. This can easily be done through an analysis of your competitors in the market to see how it is being done and matching that with your brand identity. 


  1. Quality over quantity when targeting media 


Indonesia has a large digital and traditional media ecosystem that caters to a population of over 273 million people. The key to a strong B2B public relations strategy in Indonesia is to understand what media your target audience is consuming and how you can utilise that media to broadcast your message, whether they be through feature articles, byline articles, press launches and roundtable discussions. 


In the case of SiteMinder, understanding that their target audience was a very specific group of individuals being hotel general managers and channel managers, we deployed a strategy that targeted hospitality-focused media that catered not only to a B2B audience but also to a B2C audience. We understood that hoteliers and channel managers were not only looking to find out what was developing in their industry from a B2B perspective, but they were also acutely interested to understand what customers were responding to in terms of travel news. 


  1. Events are king


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic there is a strong appetite amongst people in Indonesia to get back involved with in-person events. Due to pandemic restrictions so much of this in-person activity has been put on pause but people are celebrating the return of interacting with their industry in real-life, not virtually. 


Events pose the perfect opportunity to not only interact directly with your target audience but to create strong relationships with your target media. Roundtable discussions are the perfect way to generate engagement from a B2B perspective and give your brand the opportunity to position itself as a facilitator of conversation within the industry. 


Like many markets in SEA, Indonesia is soaring in growth and digital adoption, not just amongst consumers but particularly amongst businesses. Having a B2B public relations strategy in Indonesia is crucial for any local and foreign entity looking to enter or grow in the country due to the highly competitive nature of the market. 

Here at itchi digital we focus on providing our clients with market insights and public relations strategies that are not only localised but are adaptable to the ever changing landscape in which businesses operate here in Indonesia. 

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