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3 Keys in Building a Streamlined Branding and Marketing

Before we jump in to the why’s, let’s understand what is branding, what is marketing, and what happens if there’s no harmony between them.

Branding is about how you make your customer feel about service or product. Branding is what you execute, when you’ve laid out your brand strategy, branding is what reach your customers beyond rationale.

Now marketing, on the other hand, is about how you make your customer react towards what they feel about a service or product. Marketing is about how you deliver what you have promised as a brand, to the right people, at the right place and time.

What happens when there is no harmony between these two?

Chaos, confusion, and ineffectiveness in your communication. Now, what are the implications of those things? Sales. And guess what? Coming up with new products will not help your sales up. It will spread your brand awareness thinner, and it’s just going to get harder to fix from there.

Now here’s why you need the harmony between Branding and Marketing;

1. It creates a seamless experience in purchasing.

When your brand speaks to the heart of your customer, your marketing strategy should speak to their mind. And when those two are connected, decision making and triggering sales should come naturally.

2. Converting customers to community.

When you see reach customer beyond rationale, it’s easier for them to buy your next product, I’ve written about why is it cheaper to have a repeating user than converting a new one here and higher revenue, less cost means? More profitability for your business.

3. Seamless experience and consistency is key for brand awareness.

Having your branding team knows how to greet your customer in email, in person, and in a call for example, is a harmony between brand strategy and marketing plan. Having those two get along together means, your measurement of success will be more accurate, and easier to identify future mistake.

Do you think your brand strategy and marketing plan works together? Or do they walk separately? What works and doesn’t work in your company?

Send me a message and let me know what do you think 😊

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